Welcome to the site and it’s great to have you. There are plenty of sites to congregate and talk about the Dallas Cowboys so we appreciate your interest and any participation. This is Cowboys 360 and our overall goal is to be your Cowboy haven.  Step in and make yourself at home.
The site people:

Brian is a long time fan of the Dallas Cowboys who has written articles for football and Cowboys related websites.  As a writer, he wasn't too particular about the sites he wrote for as long as he could convey his message.  But as a fan he never did find a site that provided insightful, unbiased coverage of his team.   That's right...his.

To do that he had to start his own site.  So he's now bringing his skills and insights to TheCowboys360.com to provide Dallas Cowboys fans a place that will sift through the BS for them and keep them entertained at the same time. He can be reached at brian@thecowboys360.com.

Sean hates the Dallas Cowboys.  He's not sure why he's doing this because he's not even getting paid.  Although for the record, he did write an 8th grade book report about Roger Staubach.  He can't remember why.

Joe is the resident historian.  If you want to know how the Cowboys did against the Vikings in say 1523 when Gustav I was King of Sweden, he can tell you.  Expect to see something interesting about a great NFL rivalry involving your Dallas Cowboys from Joe very soon.
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"this is exactly the kind of Cowboys site I've been looking for"
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"i'm adding your site to my bookmarks.  i'll be back weekly.  thanks."
"this will definitely be one of the sites i visit during the week. better than many others."
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