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This week:  NFL Network Uses the Cowboys Once Again

I understand putting the Star front and center during a lockout. I get the whoring of Cowboy stories during the dead parts of the offseason. I learned to live with stories of Dez not carrying shoulder pads and Romo exchanging wedding vows. It’s acceptable to criticize Felix Jones for not being the every down back last year and then kill Dallas for cutting Barber thus handing the full time job to Jones. Picking the Cowboys apart for cutting the very players you criticize them for having a year ago is par for the Cowboys media course.  I get it NFL Network, I GET IT!
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On the NFL Network’s  NFL.com site you will find Cara Henderson leading another BS segment on NFL Total Access and I don’t mean Bachelors of Science. The headline on NFL.com the evening of 9/12 is: “Romo Era Ending” and some links to choose from including the Faulk-Sapp debate on whether Romo is a choker. In the last 30 minutes, this article changed titles from “Romo Era ending” to “Tarnished Star” and I'm sure by the time you read this article it will change again.


Cara opens the debate segment by playing the video of Romo accepting blame for the loss. Her handoff to Sapp and Faulk after playing the video is what I like to call the Gotcha. Cara says, “not the sound bite you want to say over and over” (while NFL Network bobbleheads say it over and over) and then leads into “everyone is asking around the country if Romo is a choker”.


You see, Henderson’s Gotcha is this: If Romo had made a statement about his team not playing well enough or about Dez and the laziest route running since the Miles Austin back shoulder fade/salsa with Cromartie route in the end zone earlier in the game, she would have led with “don’t you want your leader to step up if he is the true leader”? Or, “we’ve heard how Romo has been a leader but he really missed an opportunity to step up in that presser”.  Ah, but she has an out. Now that Romo has accepted the blame, you still have to be critical. You have to somehow paint accountability as a weakness. You have to tie it into one of the Cowboy themes.

Henderson is following the NFL Network’s three step plan to better ratings.

1) Talk about the Cowboys.

2) Be critical and use the buzz words which include choke, Jerry Jones, Romo, overrated, talent-laden, leadership, The Cowboys Stadium, and the recently added Rob Ryan. It also includes a mandate not to mention Romo’s stats, Witten, any late game successes and the recently added Sean Lee. Demarcus Ware is eligible for mention but he can only be referenced in conjunction with the question of leadership on the team. The only pardon to this mandate is if Ware shows up on the show to help them directly with their ratings.

3) Make sure there are no discussions about the Cowboys unless either Sapp, Dukes or Faulk are in attendance.

To suggest with this cheap headline that the Romo era might be ending after week one is the most ridiculous headline I can imagine but I am not surprised. I have to wonder if Dallas wins the next 2-3 games what the headline will be though. One thing’s for sure, the article I referenced on NFL.com will surely vanish along with Henderson’s laughable segment.

As for any possible exposure or ratings I am giving NFL.com and the NFL Network; someone has to take out the trash.

We at The Cowboys360 give this 5 out of 5 stars on the BS meter. 
Congratulations NFL Network, you win nothing. 

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