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This week:  Romo and the Leadership Divide

Jamie Dukes is not only a member of the Cowboys lack leadership brigade. He seems to have become the President of it. I’m not even sure what anyone means when they parrot that brainless commentary. Unless your team employs Ray Lewis, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, the chances are good that your team won’t have a clear visible leader until they win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl wins seem to birth new leaders and usually that title goes to the QB. That seems to be how it works. I’m sure Dukes would say the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and the Saints have Drew Brees but where was the praise for their leadership before they won rings?
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In New Orleans, the talk was how much of a genius Sean Payton was and in Green Bay, will they even make the playoffs.  Now with rings, I’m waiting for them to be compared to Patton. Is Big Ben a leader with the fine example he has set? Who is the unquestioned leader of ESPN’s favorite team the NY Jets? Phillip Rivers is credited with being a fiery leader and the kind of guy you want to go to battle with. Where is that team’s success?

With a wink to Jeff George, leadership is not overrated. It is very important. However, it’s not defined by grabbing a teammate’s facemask or running a no-huddle an entire game. It certainly is not defined by pregame antics in a huddle surrounded by your teammates. Tony Romo has led this Cowboy team as its figurehead, as its voice of hope when things are going poorly, and as its whipping dog when the chips are down for the Cowboys. He has accepted it, been accountable for it, has pledged to make improvements each offseason, and consistently pledged that his team would improve and find a way to succeed. He is fearless in the pocket, takes big hits weekly without throwing his offensive line under the bus.  He has publicly backed diva receivers, receivers that don’t know where to line up, lazy offensive lineman, a mouthy underachieving TE, and a running back that only Chuck Knox would be proud of. We don’t know what Romo tells these players behind closed doors and who cares. The example he sets is exactly what players appreciate which is don’t hang them out publicly.

I know his leadership comes under scrutiny because of Cabo, Golf, and Simpson-Underwood relations but I’d ask Dukes and his minions in the media to answer this: If Romo wins the Super Bowl, and you push play on your pre-recorded commentary about his leadership making the difference, where did he get these newfound leadership skills? He didn’t have any contact with coaches or the team all offseason. He played a ton of golf. Perhaps they will backtrack and reference the offseason workouts Romo organized as a sign of newfound leadership but if that’s the case, I guess he had those leadership skills at last season’s end after all.

360 nation, don’t fall for this garbage. Don’t spend an ounce of time addressing or even thinking about the Cowboys leadership discussion. It’s worthless and unfounded. I suspect when our defense goes from their near bottom ranking to respectable, the Cowboys magically will find leadership. To the Dukes’ of the world, the answer to the question of where did Romo’s leadership come from is Anthony Spencer, Victor Butler and Sean Lissemore. Any sort of pulse coming from the pass rush generated by these three will allow the Cowboys to start thinking post season and possibly even contend for a Super Bowl.

However, I can only hope for the sakes of Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub that Romo remains ring less. He is the only thing standing between these QBs joining the leadership deficiency brigade. They should have no fear though. Ryan will find leadership when his defense grows a heart. Flacco will find his leadership when Rice can hold on to the ball in the playoffs and Schaub will find it when Manning retires.

We at The Cowboys360 give this 5 out of 5 stars on the BS meter. 
Mr. Dukes, that's a lot of BS. 

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